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My name is Shahla Nanath, your dedicated Freelance Digital Marketer in Malappuram, Kerala, and Content Writer based in Malappuram, India. With a deep understanding in SEO, SMM, Email Marketing, Content writing and Analytics, I’m here to empower your brand’s online presence. In addition to these core skills, i bring expertise in PPC advertising, content strategy, and conversion optimization to the table, ensuring a holistic approach to your digital marketing needs. I completed my  three month digital marketing course from CDA Calicut. With a master’s degree in History from calicut university, i also possess strong research skills that allowing me to uncover insight that drive impactful marketing campaigns. Let’s collaborate and transform your digital presence into something truly impressive.

My Proficiency as Digital Marketer

Web Designer 88%
SEO 80%
SMM 92%
Content Marketing 91%



SEO is optimizing a website for ranking in search engine results. The goal of SEO is to increase its online presence and potential for attracting visitors and customers who are searching in an specific keyword. All we need to be rank higher and get more traffic.


Web development is all about creating and maintaining websites to provide information, services, or products to users on the internet.Your website is your business's face on the internet. I will help you to build any kind of website as your need.

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It is an online advertising platform for businesses to display ads on SERP to reach potential customers. It allows businesses to target specific audiences and pay for clicks or view. I will help you to do this better.

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Content is the king. It is the process of making articles, videos, or images for a target audience to enjoy or learn from. It evolve through brainstorming for ideas, writing, designing, and editing to produce engaging content.

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Social Media Marketing is the form of internet marketing that uses social media as tools for marketing purpose like instagram, facebook, x..etc.

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Presentation templates help marketers convey their view points with others through visual representation of datas and images in slides.

Hey my peeps, Learn More About Digital Marketing From Best Freelance Digital Marketer in Malappuram

Cool Terms in Digital Marketing

  • Bounce Rate: When a visitor comes to a website using a specific keyword but cannot find what they expected, they will navigate away immediately after viewing only one page. Therefore, a high bounce rate indicates that the content needs improvement. For example, if you came to my website using the keyword ‘freelance digital marketer in malappuram‘ and couldn’t find what you expected, you would definitely back out the next moment from my website, it will cause high bounce rate.
  • Clickbait: It refers to attractive headlines, thumbnails, and descriptions designed to tempt people to immediately open a link before scrolling down. It can be used in both good and bad way.
  • Content Shock: When we produce more content than the audience can consume, it leads to a decrease in audience engagement and attention. Thiscan waste  our marketing efforts both financially and physically.
  • Cyber Gypsy: is a person who leads a nomadic lifestyle or works as a freelance digital marketer while maintaining their digital career. For example I’m an freelance digital marketer in malappuram but same time i can travel to many places without effecting my work life.
  • Digital Nomad:A person who maintains a digital work life or works as a freelance digital marketer while traveling to different destinations. It is same as cyber gypsy like i’m an freelance digital marketer in malappuram same time i can lead my life as digital nomad at different places in the world.
  • Easter Egg: It is a hidden feature or surprise message for website visitors or app users, intended for engagement and entertainment purposes. As an freelance digital marketer in malappuram, i see this as best way for engage our potential customers.
  • Doomscrolling: It is an activity that involves spending a lot of time online without realizing it. For example, I’m a freelance digital marketer in malappuram. I usually surf the internet for content ideas and trends, but sometimes I forget my identity as a freelance digital marketer in Malappuram and my goal. I end up extensively consuming many unwanted reels, videos, or shorts related to fashion or other topics that a digital marketer wouldn’t typically bother with.
  • Gamify :It involves adding gaming elements, competition, challenges, and rewards to a marketing campaign or business process to enhance engagement, such as posting weekly challenges on business social media profiles. For example as a freelance digital marketer i’m so concern about engaging my followers on social media. Therefor i use several methods to engage my followers.
  • Geotargeting : It is for reaching specific digital marketing campaigns or content to a certain geographical area based on where our target audience is located. For example, i’m an freelance digital marketer in malappuram and i wanna run an digital marketing campaigns for audience in delhi, it is possible through geotargeting.
  • Ninja / Guru: Refers to a person who is an expert or skilled in all aspects of digital marketing, including the best strategies, trends, and a quick, adaptable, resourceful approach.
  • Shoppable Content: It allows consumers to instantly shop through engaging videos, images, and content without having to navigate through an e-commerce website. For example, when scrolling through Instagram, we often encounter reels showcasing dresses, and with just one click on the screen, we can instantly purchase that product. This is an win-win situation.
  • Snackable Content :It is for getting the attention of busy people, who are our target audience, through short videos, memes, and images. It is designed for fast consumption and quick forwarding. For example as a freelance digital marketer in malappuram i usually publish snackable contents to attract my busy audience.
  • Viral Loop: It refers to a product or service grow quickly cause people share with others through word of mouth. This happens because the product is of high quality, and its appeal spreads rapidly from one person to another like chain reaction. For example i’m an freelance digital marketer in malappuram, if my audience like my services they will deffinetly recommend my services to their friends.

Objectives of Digital Marketing

Rules for an freelance digital marketer in malappuram

Lead Generation


Lead Convertion

The Google Spam Update, March 2024

A Guidline for Freelance Digital Marketers and Website Owners

If you are an freelance digital marketer in malappuram or from any part of the world and if you wanna rank your website high, you should aware of new google algoritham update. So, as i’m an freelance digital marketer in malappuram here i’m simply sharing it with you.

Basically it is for website owners and SEO practitioners to prevent spam and provide quality content in search results because Google consistently optimizes search engines for better performence. This process is collectively known as spam updates or spam brain.

Following the spam update, it had an impact on websites, websites could experience drastic changes in their ranking. So, affected websites have to make sure that their website is Google spam policy-friendly. If your website fails to meet these policies, your search results might appear on a lower ranking or you may have a chance of being permanently banned. Therefor, website owners have to make the required changes to improve their position, as Google’s system identifies your commitment to keeping with spam policy by making necessary changes.

Link spam update refers to maintaining a clean link profile, which is important to avoid negative repercussions. Google has introduced new spam policies:

  • Mass content abuse: It focuses on unoriginal low-quality content for search engine results. For example as i’m an freelance digital marketer in malappuram and if i added low quelity content for search engine, this google update will defnittely badly effect my website.
  • Usage of expired domains: Google wants to stop misuse of expired domains, which turn into spam archives.
  • Site reputation abuse: This policy will go into effect in May 2024. It addresses the damage to the trustworthiness of websites and leads to low quality and unoriginal material.

Manual action vs. Algorithmic update: To improve search quality, Google uses algorithmic changes and manual operations. Manual action involves human reviewers looking for infractions of spam policy on websites. Algorithmic update is an automated process like the spam update of March 2024. Both will have an effect on websites.

Although the March 2024 update ended, Google is still improving its algorithm, and the future of search rank is hinted at by current core updates. So, website owners who want success in their SEO should be alert and adjust to changing SEO tactics and continuous optimization for long-term success.

As an freelance digital marketer in malappuram i belives that this information will helps those who need it like freelance digital marketers and website owners.

Top 10 High DA Sites for Backlinks

Hey freelance digital marketers in malappuram, let’s rank your website #1


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What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is different from traditional marketing. It is done with the help of the internet, from you seeing an poster add on your university website to watching an funny reel or shorts on your mobile feed, there are the hands of digital marketers behind the scene. There are several freelance digital marketers in malappuram and every corner of the world who are expert in this field ,helping people who don't know anything about digital marketing.

How important is Digital Marketing for running a successful business?

If you want to run a successful business in today's digital world, you definitely need the helping hand of a freelance digital marketer or a full-time digital marketer. Because it's a full-time job as a marketer who is physically marketing your product to your target audience. If you are doing traditional marketing and you are not ready to spend even for an freelance digital marketer, you are wasting your money. Instead, if you are ready to spend money on digital marketing, your return profit will be much higher than traditional marketing. You don't have to spend as much money on digital marketing compared to traditional marketing because people spend more time in the digital world than the real world, and it's more cost-efficient. All you need is a freelance digital marketer or an full time digital marketer with right strategies.

What is SEO, How does it works?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of optimizing your website for any search engine. Simply put, if you're new to Malappuram and feeling hungry, you might type 'best restaurant near me' into the Google search bar. The results that appear at the top, before scrolling down, are likely to catch your attention, and you'll probably choose to visit the place that appears first. However, here's the twist: it's actually a freelance digital marketer in Malappuram who has worked really hard to ensure that the place ranks highly through SEO. For more information on SEO you can visit ahrefs.com website.

What is freelancing?

In the digital era, freelancing has become a new kind of working system that is different from traditional employment system. When an freelancer working alone themselves, freelancers enjoy full autonomy over themselves compared to being staff to a corporation or other organization. Since freelancers are their own bosses, this arrangement can often result in a better work-life balance. Even if it could be difficult at first to finding clients, future success can be gained by breaking through the code with right strategies and good communication. With freelance work, people can work on many projects and take on different jobs for customers in different places, breaking free from customary limits. For example, if you're a freelance digital marketer from Malappuram, you may be working as a content writer for a Norwegian company in Oslo and as an SEO analyst for an American company in California at the same time. Multiple sources of income can be made possible by this freelane. All it takes is the right strategy to be successful.

Who is an freelancer?

A freelancer is an individual who is self-employed or does not have a traditional employer or coworkers. Freelancers typically offer their services on a contract basis. It is their sole responsibility to find clients, and a freelancer can work simultaneously on several jobs. For instance, a freelance digital marketer may work as an SEO analyst, content writer, social media manager, graphic designer, programmer, and web developer all at the same time.

How much money cost for an Freelance Digital Marketer in Malappuram?

The cost for a full-time digital marketer and a freelance digital marketer in Malappuram different based on their experience and the services they provide.

Is Digital Marketing popular in Malappuram?

Yes, it is. According to the July 24, 2023 data87 out of 100 Keralites have  internet connection and people of all ages, from toddlers to the elderly spends their time in virtual world more than real world. If you search for any business group based in Malappuram on social media or Google, you will definitely find websites or social media accounts under their names. This is because no business can survive without digital marketing in this digital era. There are several freelance digital marketers in malappuram who are working online and offline for running an successfull business.

As a freelance digital marketer from malappuram, how can i help you?

You are probably here because you are in search of the best freelance digital marketer in Malappuram to elevate your business. Here I am to help you. I will employ the best digital marketing strategies at minimum cost to elevate your business. All you need to do is contact me through the contact form


As we worked together, she provide insight from campaigns and she refines strategies for better performance. Our collaboration strengthens marketing effort. She is the best freelance digital marketer in Malappuram ever you get.
Shahla worked as a freelance digital marketer for my new venture. She helped us come with new strategies and ideas for our automotive business, Thanks to her for helping us achieving this success.

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